Saturday , December 15 2018
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Coop incubator launches

“There’s problems with traditional incubators that no-one in “startup land” wants to admit,” say the founders of “The problem is simple: incubators serve investors, not incubatees.”

“That’s why we created – it addresses a real-world economic failure.

“Incubators can’t find enough fee’s from a target market that by definition is cash and resource poor. So incubators serve their investors as a deal-flow mechanism. They do not serve startups.

“The future – according to those that hang out in the Co-Op sector – belongs to collective endeavours. It belongs to Platform CoOps not Venture-Backed 2-sided marketplaces.

“The future is not a new AGL powered by wind and solar. The future belongs to hundreds if not thousands of community-level energy co-ops,” the group argues.