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Unis lose $1.2 billion

Universities would be hit with $1.2 billion in funding cuts under the Turnbull government’s higher education changes, with new data showing some institutions are set to lose up to $57 million over the next four years, the Sydney Morning Herald reports.

The figures, compiled by peak body Universities Australia, provide the first breakdown of how each university in the country would be affected over the budget forward estimates if the government’s proposals pass the Senate.

The government’s higher education package would apply a new “efficiency dividend” to universities, increase student fees …

NSW universities would lose $341 million in base funding between 2018 and 2021 while Victorian universities would lose $294 million.

The cuts would hit universities already in deficit and those with large numbers of disadvantaged students as well as the elite sandstone universities in Sydney and Melbourne.

The fate of the changes is hanging in the balance as Parliament resumes this week, with the Nick Xenophon Team yet to outline its position.

Monash University would receive the biggest funding hit in the country according to the figures, which have been provided to a Senate committee scrutinising the government’s proposals.

Monash would be $57.4 million worse off over four years than under the current policy settings, while the University of Melbourne would lose $46.5 million.

Victoria University, which has been in deficit for four of the past five years, would have its funding reduced by $22 million.

Western Sydney University, which caters to many low socio-economic status and “first in family” university students, would be $54.1 million worse off over four years, the biggest reduction of any university in NSW.

The University of Sydney would be $51.7 million worse off and UNSW would lose $47.4 million.

The Australian National University would lose $14 million over four years and the University of Canberra $15 million.

“A billion-dollar cut to universities is at the heart of the higher education legislation,” Universities Australia chief executive Belinda Robinson said.


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