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Six million coins for Connie

A massive pat on the back to ACT emergency services workers and Love Your Sister volunteers who laboured long into the night on Wednesday picking up all those coins from the wonderful Big Heart Project

And by our calculations, there were more than six million five cent pieces to pick up. Just on 6,034,160 coins, to be exact. A bit tougher than scrambling for the shrapnel that’s fallen behind the couch.

Industrial vacuum cleaners, shovels and good, old-fashioned brooms were used by the LYS volunteers as well as police, fire brigade, State Emergency Service, ACT ambulance service, and rural fire brigade personnel to collect and load the coins into drums.

The security firm Prosegur is counting the coins with help from as many as 15 volunteers from Bendigo Bank. It’s expected to take a couple of weeks.

Love Your Sister says a total of $2.2 million was raised by Connie Johnson’s Big Heart Project; the vast majority of donations made online and in Bendigo Bank branches around Australia and New Zealand.

That was more than double what Canberra mum Connie, and her brother, actor Samuel Johnson, had hoped to raise, with the original target $1 million.


So how did they move more than 6 million coins from Connie’s Big Heart Project? (Canberra Times)

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