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40 Qld children known to authorities died in 2016

More than 40 children known to the Child Protection system died in the past year, according to a report, the Brisbane Times says.

An annual report into child deaths in Queensland found 46 children known to the system died in 2015-16, down from 51 the previous year.

Among those, medical conditions and disease were in the majority.

Four of the children who died of fatal assault or neglect were known to the Child Protection system in the 12 months prior to the death.

Overall, the Queensland Family and Child Commission reported on 390 deaths, down from 445 the previous year.

The commission reports on all registered deaths of children in Queensland.

Three-quarters of the deaths (291) were caused by either disease or medical conditions contracted before or after birth, with infants accounting for 73 per cent of those deaths.

Three children died from diseases potentially preventable by vaccines.

Road accidents accounted for 18 deaths, eight Queensland children drowned and 29 died from Sudden Unexpected Deaths in Infancy and SIDS.

In 2015-16, 20 children died of suicide and nine from fatal assault or neglect.

Queensland Family and Child Commission commissioner Cheryl Vardon said the organisation was researching the deaths of young people by suicide.

Ms Vardon said people needed to be educated to recognise the signs.

“If I could say one thing, it would be to keep an eye on young people and children, work out whether they’re feeling anxious about their futures.

“If you feel your teenager or child is struggling, get help early, and those warning signs might be very subtle.

“Changes in behaviour, sleeping and eating patterns and so forth.”

The leading causes of death among cases considered by panels were suicide and disease or other medical conditions.


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