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Why Video Conferencing is the way to go

Why Video Conferencing is the way to go

Businesses run on meetings.

With the breadth of choices these days in communication devices, channels and platforms, teams no longer need to trudge to conference rooms or stand in a huddle for a much-needed discussion.

Having the right Video Conferencing technologies can help your organisation keep on track through flexible, efficient and effective communication in and outside the workplace.


Video calls make it easy for remote and onsite teams to discuss project revisions and updates. It’s tough to hold a meeting when many key members of your team are all over the world. These days, many organisations find themselves working with remote teams. The distance and different time zones make for a definite challenge when you need to coordinate projects. Cloud-based video solutions enable onsite and remote teams to review output together and facilitate discussions in a simple and easy way by enabling meeting participants to share content and control the camera. Instead of replying to a long email — which could get confusing pretty fast — you can easily schedule a video call and sort things out face to face on video.


Clocking into the office every day isn’t a guarantee of high productivity. With video calls you have the flexibility to sidestep any hassles or obstacles that come with commuting to different locations. This kind of flexibility can encourage workplaces to focus on achieving results rather that just being present at an office from 9 to 5. This empowers employees to call the shots about when and where they work to achieve their goals and objectives and be more productive at their jobs.


With the right tool, making company-wide announcements to make sure you’re all on the same page is easy and convenient to pull off. Video calls make it easy to reach out to your team or update them with news and announcements regarding the company — it’s vision, current condition, and future direction — all at the same time. There’s nothing that makes employees feel like outcasts and outsiders than finding out about updates or information at a much later date than everybody else.


Work from home setups with video technology has given parents a new lease on life, replacing travel time with hours that could readily be spent with their family. If your company has several parents on board raising their families, video calls make it easy for them to strike the perfect balance between their personal and professional lives. An excellent video conferencing product makes it possible for employees to stay connected to their teams, even when they’re working from home.

Start looking for the right video conferencing system early on so it would be ready when you need it!

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