Importance of Foodservice Education in Menu Planning

Understanding the Value of Aggregated Procurement in Foodservice

Understanding the Value of Aggregated Procurement in Foodservice

Dr Karen Abbey

Church Resources Foodservice Ambassador

What is aggregated procurement?

Aggregated procurement is a centralised purchasing model where two or more organisations (or a third party on behalf of those organisations) join together to combine their needs and leverage negotiating strength. What this does is allow the centralised buying unit to leverage their increased negotiating strength to find better deals that the organisations individually wouldn’t be able to negotiate. You can read more about how an aggregated procurement model works in our blog post here. On top of finding the best price, aggregated procurement specialists should help to identify organisational needs and matching the right suppliers with these organisational needs.

Why is it important?

Food and beverage commodities constitute one of the largest single costs in a Foodservice business. Even a variation of one percent in material costs can have an effect on profit or maintaining budgets. Being part of an aggregated procurement Foodservice solution is the smart way to purchase food and kitchen items.

In relation to Foodservice, invoices can be compared and benchmarked. Once this is completed results can be forwarded back to the organisation enabling them to understand their purchasing position and analyse their options. There are usually three outcomes an organisation has to consider:

  1. The bench mark pricing is better than their current prices and cost savings can be made
  2. The bench mark pricing is better than their current prices and the organisation is wondering why their current suppliers are not offering these prices
  3. The current supplier has excellent pricing and your current deals have been shown through a bench marking process to be of good value

However aggregated procurement is not just about price. Regardless of the outcome, aggregated procurement should help your organisation make better buying decisions. Aggregated procurement companies should be value adding more than just cost reducing. They need to be providing a good customer experience as well as other services.

How can CR help your Foodservices in your organisation?

Our Excellence in Foodservice Community Program (EFCP) aims to create a Foodservice community that links Foodservice industry experts and suppliers with our CR Members to create an end-to-end solution for your organisation. Not only do you get a benchmarking of prices on Foodservice supplies, the EFCP grants Members access to a wide range of educational, operational and nutritional resources from our Foodservice partners to help support your foodservice operations.

The EFCP has a range of value adds for your Foodservice operations to help make your job easier:

  • We can save you time in dealing with partners as you get access to all of our Foodservice partners through the one contact point
  • Menu planning ideas from both our Partners and our Foodservice Ambassador, Dr. Karen Abbey, to give you new ways to create delicious meals using ingredients you can get direct from our partners
  • Nutritional information to help you with planning a balanced menu
  • Complementary Foodservice audit for Members
  • FREE Foodservice webinars to help you develop a deeper understanding on nutrition and foodservices
  • Videos demonstrating our supply partner menu planning solutions
  • FREE online resources on our website/blog to support you and help make your job easier
  • HACCP certificates to support your food safety plan: Goodman Fielder, Lion Foodservices, Bidfood and M&J Chicken


Dr. Karen Abbey will be running a FREE nutrition webinar course for CR Members starting November. The course will start November 7th and the first module will be repeated December 6th. The course continues into 2018 as part of our commitment to provide our Members with the very best in foodservice and nutrition. For the full course schedule and to sign up click the button below:


Church Resources Excellence in Foodservice Community Program provides procurement solutions and has access to a wide range of manufacturing partners and their resources. To become part of this program and to subscribe to  CR Foodservices newsletter click below:



To find out more about Dr Karen Abbey click here.

To find out more about Dr. Karen Abbey click here

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