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Top 5 apps to enhance productivity in the New Year

Top 5 apps to enhance productivity in the New Year

As we prepare to belt out the unfathomable lyrics to ‘Auld lang syne’, many will already be looking ahead to a fresh new year, plotting out a list of resolutions designed to make it healthier, happier and altogether better than the one gone by.

For businesses, it’s also important to cast an eye towards the horizon, and to consider the many ways in which systems can be streamlined and costs saved. With technology evolving at a rapid pace, new apps and tools are now enabling organisations to improve efficiency like never before, so before you knock off for the summer holidays, it’s time to consider which might work best for your business come the start of 2017.

Simple productivity apps, many of which are free to use and easy to implement, now allow you to seamlessly keep tabs on your teams no matter where they are, enabling quick and efficient communication and facilitating more effective task management on the go.

Here are a few of our favourites that you might want to add to your New Year’s resolution list:


Give your employees the tools to up their efficiency with this incredible to-do list app, which enables you to share lists with your team and keep tabs on any task no matter the size. Not only does Wunderlist allow you to keep your team up to date with tasks, but it’s also a great tool for individuals to stay on top of their personal deadlines. With an easy-to-use interface and cross-platform functionality, this app makes operating on the go a whole lot easier.

Google Drive

Collaboration without the complication is the philosophy underpinning Google Drive, a versatile cloud storage system that integrates seamlessly into the rest of the Google ecosystem. Enabling easy uploads and file sharing, this mobile-friendly app facilitates efficient co-working, allowing multiple users to work on the same documents and projects in real time, irrespective of their location. For organisations with freelance suppliers and international counterparts, Google Drive is a must-have for 2017.


This nifty digital bulletin board is a project manager’s best friend. Trello allows users to create customisable to-do lists, using dynamic cards that can be shifted and archived as tasks are completed, enabling team leaders to maintain a comprehensive overview of what’s on the go at all times. Trello also allows managers to assign tasks and deadlines, with a built-in commenting feature that facilitates seamless feedback.


With the working world becoming increasingly mobile, project managers and team leaders are often faced with the laborious task of firing off emails from their phones, scuppered at every turn by the ever-imaginative autocorrect. But luckily, there’s a simple solution that will save you and your team plenty of time in 2017. SwiftKey is a custom keyboard that boasts excellent responsiveness and swipe typing, with an intuitive on-board learning system that adapts to your writing style. Say goodbye to those awkward typos and hello to a speedier, hassle-free mobile workspace.


Want to make the virtual workplace a simpler and more productive place? Slack is a widely used messaging app that enables you to stay in touch with teams without creating unnecessary inbox clutter. With a chatroom-esque interface, Slack allows you to create multiple channels for various team projects, resulting in faster feedback, quicker conversations and fewer laborious trawls through endless emails, many of which aren’t even relevant. Easy to use and available across mobile and desktop devices, Slack is your best bet if you’re looking to streamline your organisation this coming year.

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