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Three reasons to buy from CR

Three reasons to buy from CR

Let us take the legwork out of researching and pricing whitegoods and appliances.

Here are three reasons to buy from CR:

1. Value for money.

The CR aggregated procurement model enables us to negotiate a price benefit for all of our Members.

2. Fit for purpose.

We see fit for purpose product selection as the greatest opportunity for savings. As an ongoing supplier to Education, Aged Care, Health, Welfare and Church sectors, we have a thorough understanding of how our Members generally use whitegoods and appliances.

3. Peace of mind.

Our product recommendations take into consideration warranty, energy and water efficiency and the safety of your people. We have seen from our past experience and product knowledge, the items that offer peace of mind, high performance and quality.

Buying from us means you support all not-for-profit organisations and help students, residents, patients, the disadvantaged and parishioners.

We are a not-for-profit ourselves, and bring together not-for-profit organisations to gain greater procurement advantages.