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There is a NEW Gravy on the block

There is a NEW Gravy on the block

There is a NEW Gravy on the block… and it’s Gluten Free and Halal certified

There are so many gravy options in the market and many have excellent flavour profiles, but sometimes price is the biggest factor of all.

The new Heinz Gravy delivers on flavour and importantly offers great value for money. The fresh looking Heinz Gravy range, comes with superior taste, matching the current market leader in the Premium Gravy category.

The range includes Rich and Light flavours in a 2KGx3 carton or 7.5kKGx1 pail.

Another key benefit of this new range is the ease of preparation. Just add hot water and whisk! This simple method will save valuable time in the kitchen when preparing delicious meals.

Heinz Gravy is perfect for Aged Care facilities, Restaurants and Caterers. Right now, all four varieties are available through major distributors including Bidfood. Be sure to try the new Heinz Gravy today!

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