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The science of sustainability: Why is green good for business?

The science of sustainability: Why is green good for business?

In the world of business today, green is definitely the new black. Across the globe, organisations are constantly searching for new ways to make their practices more sustainable, with investors demanding ever-greater levels of transparency when it comes to both internal and external systems and processes.

Once thought of as a trendy ‘nice-to-have’, sustainability is fast becoming a bona-fide business imperative, with greening practices now a top priority for those pouring funds into NFP organisations.

For organisations with limited resources, environmentally conscious initiatives can end up being left at the lower end of the priority chain – after all, saving the world is the realm of large corporates with the resources to do so, right? Wrong.

Not only are there obvious environmental advantages to cutting back on your carbon footprint, but there are also plenty of ways in which it can benefits your business’s bottom line.

So before you put sustainability on the backburner, consider some of the ways in which it can enrich your organisation, your staff and your community.

Opportunities for growth

In a world where funding is increasingly hard to come by, organisations can put themselves at a distinct advantage by implementing sustainable practices. By fostering a reputation as an ethical, socially responsible organisation, you’ll not only be likelier to draw the interest of those all-important donors, but you’ll also afford your company greater opportunities for exposure, thus boosting broader awareness of your cause.

Improved employee retention

These days, employees want to work for the good guys, with recent studies suggesting that jobseekers would rather assume a role at an organisation with strong CSR initiatives than earn a higher salary elsewhere. As such, sustainable practices not only put you in a position to attract the brightest talent around, but also to foster a greater sense of well-being within your existing workforce.

Reduced costs

By reducing energy, water and material consumption, you can save the planet whilst at the same time saving your organisation plenty of money. While it might require some capital investment upfront, the savings you can enjoy as a result of a few strategically savvy changes (like the installation of energy-efficient light bulbs for instance) can result in enormous long-term benefits.

So how do you go about making your organisation greener? Here are four simple steps to get you started:

TIP 1: Shut Down

Unnecessary computer use accounts for almost $1 billion in wasted energy every year, so encourage your employees to shut those laptops down at the end of each day.

TIP 2: Minimise off-site meetings

By reducing the time spent travelling to and from meetings, you’ll significantly reduce your business’s carbon emissions, and save yourself plenty of time and expense in the process. Why not consider videoconferencing as an alternative?

TIP 3: Dress Down

Air-conditioning is something of an inevitability in the heat of Australian summer, but during the milder seasons, you can cut back on cooling expenses by introducing a less formal dress code, thus enabling your employees to be more appropriately dressed for the weather conditions.

TIP 4: Maximise natural light

Simply by making use of a resource available in large abundance in Australia, you’ll be significantly cut back on your energy costs. By expanding windows and introducing skylights, you’ll be able to keep the lights off, something that could bring down your electricity consumption by as much as 44%.

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