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The one travel essential your organisation shouldn’t skimp on

The one travel essential your organisation shouldn’t skimp on

As the world grows ever smaller thanks to the high-speed evolution of digital communication, organisations are increasingly expanding their reach, doing business with suppliers, clients and donors across state and country lines. But whilst tools like Skype have made it ever easier to stay in touch, the occasional business trip is still vital for any organisation, offering up the kind of valuable face time that high-tech apps have yet to replicate.

And whilst travel undoubtedly serves a valuable purpose, it also comes with plenty of unfortunate cost implications, meaning that the number crunchers in the finance team are likely to seek out ways to cut down expenses wherever possible. But before any decisions are made on which plugs to pull, it’s important to know what’s worth compromising and what simply isn’t negotiable.

While many organisations might be tempted to check their staff in at the cheapest B&B within a 5-mile radius of their appointment, it’s worth thinking twice before you scan the bargain bin for ultra-cheap deals. After all, you don’t want to have your star performer exhausted and unfocused after spending a restless night on an uncomfortable bunk bed, trying desperately to avoid the wooden planks resting perilously close to their head. Yes, it might save you a few dollars in the short term, but the financial impact of a poor presentation to a prospective donor could result in severe long-term consequences.

So, how do you convince your travel planners that comfortable accommodation is worth the investment? Here are 4 reasons why a good night’s sleep makes good business sense:

Sharpened attention and focus

Being able to pay attention during the day is directly affected by your ability to do the contrary at night. Your body and mind needs regular, good, quality sleep to recover from the activities of the day, and without sufficient rest, the brain’s ability to function will deteriorate rapidly. This is why people who miss out on sleep while travelling may find themselves struggling to focus, working less effectively and becoming rather grumpy and unsociable – bad news if you’re trying to impress a potential client or donor.

Creative sparks

Getting a good night’s rest before hitting the drawing board can be just what you need to really get those creative juices flowing. Not only does sleep help to strengthen your memory, but studies also suggest that the mind strengthens the emotional components of memory during sleep, which can in turn trigger one’s ability to think creatively.

Better bonding

Just as athletes need ample hours of downtime in order to perform at their best, everyone needs a good amount of quality sleep to improve their daytime performance. Team outings tend to be better for all concerned when participants don’t spend the day yawning their way from café to café, so if bonding is one of the objectives of your business travel, you’re far likelier to achieve the results you seek if all team members are well rested.

Improved memory

Believe it or not, while you’re sound asleep, your mind remains in a very active state. While you’re enjoying a healthy snooze, it goes through a process of consolidation, storing and strengthening all of the memories you’ve collected throughout the day and cementing any new skills that you learned during waking hours. So if you’re trying to impart new skills, techniques or simply bombarding your troops with plentiful information, you’re likely to score better results with a well-rested staff contingent.

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