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STEM resources for your school


With Church Resources you can procure a variety of quality products to enhance STEM learning in your school.

Did you know that Church Resources (CR) can procure the technology and resources your school needs to be STEM ready for 2018?

CR has access to an extensive range of quality brands for primary and secondary students, and can offer your school fantastic discounts and bundles at exclusive CR Member pricing:






Strawbees is an award-winning, light-weight, construction system for makers of all ages. It is a kit based on simple units called Strawbees that let you connect straws to each other and build little to huge mechanical objects from just straws and cardboard, which stimulates the imagination and encourages storytelling endlessly. Strawbees partners with world class educators to co-create quality content and curriculums for classrooms. The curriculums are available in 5 different levels: easy, medium, hard, expert and legendary. Suitable for Ages 5+






Circuit Scribe makes learning electronics fun and revolutionises how kids are taught electronics in schools. its about learning through creating. Circuit Scribe have a selection of kits & bundles on offer, ranging from basic to advanced. You can also use Circuit Scribe with Arduino, Makey Makey, and many other electronic platforms. Together, these products have broad applications in the STEM education and do-ityourself (DIY) communities. Suitable for Ages 5+







Makeblock is a leading DIY robotics construction and programming learning platform for makers, STEM learners, educators and hobbyists. Makeblock provides over 500 mechanical parts and easy-to-use electronic modules, as well as graphical programming software, empowering people to turn their ideas into reality. Having delighted over 600,000 makers, students and educators in over 140 countries and still growing, Makeblock is one of the best robotics companies making a difference, with the aim to open the field to people of all skill levels. Suitable for Ages 8+






Chibitronics LED Circuit Stickers combines arts and craft with technology. It’s a new and fun way of learning the basics of electronics and allows you to be creative at the same time. No soldering or wires required! simply use LED stickers with conductive tape to draw circuits on paper or any other sticker-friendly surface, such fabric or plastic. Light-up cards and create interactive art-work. The sky’s the limit! Suitable for Ages 9+






Zometool is a modern, simple and extremely versatile construction system. Children, teachers and Nobel Prize winners all love Zometool, because it links nature, science, mathematics, art and architecture in a light and easy manner. Zometool is a unique system, which works perfectly. This is due to the brilliantly conceived connecting balls and the color-coded struts, whose lengths conform to the rules of “Divine Proportion”. Suitable for Ages 5+






Arckit scaled model building sets are freeform kits that contain everything you
need to design, build and modify a diverse range of architectural scaled models.
From starter model sets for budding young architects through to educational
STEAM products and even model building sets for professional architects, we have
everything you need to bring your ideas to life with incredible detail. The only limit to
what you can design is your imagination! Suitable for Ages 10+






Cubetto is designed for children ages 3 and up to help them learn the basics of computer
programming, along with other STEM skills too. Unlike other similar coding toys it doesn’t
use a screen, but comes with a set of instruction blocks that equate to a coding language
you can actually touch. Suitable for Ages 3+






As tech-lovers and education experts, Marbotic have created the ultimate learning experience mixing traditional wooden toys and touchscreen technology. Stamp a wooden piece on the tablet’s screen and let the magic happen! Learn counting, reading and writing with these beautiful interactive wooden toys for tablets. Suitable for Ages 3+






Marbles: The Brain Store started with the simple idea of finding the best brain games out there and putting them all in one place. That includes products for aging baby boomers concerned about memory loss, those with children with ADHD, as well as products for those who want to improve focus and attention, enhance creativity, become better multi-taskers and get the most out of the world’s smartest supercomputer: the brain.

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