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Comprehensive recruitment and HR services

Get talented temporary and permanent staff to contribute more to your business

Recruitment and Retention

Develop and recruit leaders to drive your business outcomes and align to the core values of how your business operates

  • Confidence from working with an expert in the not-for-profit sector, with proven experience and the latest information on market trends
  • The right fit with investment to understand your unique business, and the time taken to get to know your individual business requirements
  • Get the best people and recruit with confidence

Our promise to you

  • Exclusive CR pricing from the collective purchasing power of our Member base
  • Access comprehensive support with specialist recruitment, and retention and HR services.
  • A dedicated team within Randstad that understands the importance of recruiting the right person, the first and every time.
  • Get preferential service, escalation support and have the power of a big player from our aggregated procurement.
  • Randstad’s commitment and in-depth understanding of the not-for-profit sector to share the same goals as our Members and achieving the best outcomes for their core missions’.
  • Drives candidates by industries i.e Aged Care to provide relevance and the right fit, along with tapping into one of the largest pools of candidates and over 20 offices across Australia

Get the best people and recruit with confidence

Enjoy talented temporary and permanent staff to contribute more to your business

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Our Recruitment and Retention Solutions deliver:

  • Exclusive CR Pricing
    The Church Resources Member base provides us with purchasing strength to access exclusive discounts for our Members.
  • Commitment to the not for profit sector
    Randstad works hard to give back and offer support to strengthen and enhance Australia’s’ not-for-profit sector and their mission outcomes.
  • Over 25 years in Australia
    From opening a small office in Sydney’s CBD back in 1988, Randstad have gone from strength to strength.
  • Experts in recruitment and HR Services
    Randstad have worked with many CR Members, and this experience ensures an ever better experience for you.
  • Full range of services including HR services, recruitment and more
    Randstad have an extensive team covering a full range of services, and including organisational psychologists, HR Professionals and career coaches, and others
  • Over 20 offices across Australia to attract a large pool of candidates and ensuring they are on hand to support you
    Randstad have a national reach to help all our Members across Australia, even Members in remote rural areas.

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