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Hamper demand up

The Salvation Army is hoping it can pull off a small miracle for 400 Gold Coast families, the Daily Telegraph repors.

That is the number the Army is hoping to help by supplying a Christmas hamper for this year.

Unfortunately, according to the army’s fundraising and public relations manager Gold Coast and Northern Rivers Rowan Johnstone it’s a number that is stubbornly refusing to decline.

And it’s being made up of people Gold Coasters may be surprised to hear need a hand.

“We are seeing a bigger demand for our hampers,” Mr Johnstone said.

“Last year we saw a significant increase and we don’t expect it to decline this year.

“We’re a real mix of people. It’s not people who are unemployed or working part-time but families who are in full-time work that are just getting stretched at this time of year.

“They are getting hammered by things like power bills.

“This is the time of year where they just want to celebrate and sit down with their families for a treat.”

The Salvation Army are also working with local business and community organisations throughout the Gold Coat to secure food and gifts for Christmas hampers for the over 400 families that come to the Salvos for assistance each Christmas


Salvos swamped by hamper demand as Gold Coast families get hammered by bills pre-Christmas (Daily Telegraph)


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