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CR Library

Welcome to the CR Library. The content here is specially catered to the needs of our Members. Here you will find a growing depository of information relating to all of our solutions. Whether you want access to money saving case studies, up-to-date developments in the Foodservice industry, links to our faith based publications, or something else, you will find it here. Be sure to visit regularly as we continue to add more great resources to the CR Library.


Our latest Annual Report

CR has published its Annual Report for 2013/14.  Learn more about the work CR has been doing to bring benefit to not-for-profits in Australia.    ...
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How much is 34 minutes worth to you?

The average cost of generating and managing a manual invoice is estimated at $10.981, and can take up to 34 minutes of your time to action. This is all before managing any disputes that may arise....
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A flexible approach to activity tracking for CR Members

Medibank member Alex donned the Fitbit Flex, a wireless wristband device tracking activity by day and sleep by night, for two weeks. With an LED display lighting up to indicate progress and automa...
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10 talent strategy game-changers for 2014

Organisations, whether large or small, need to be more serious about workforce planning, talent sourcing and investment in strengthening their employer brand if they are to remain an attractive pr...
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