New CR Brochure - Church Resources

New CR Brochure

New CR Brochure

The latest CR Brochure revealed

This week we are pleased to launch a new Church Resources brochure that highlights all the Procurement Options we facilitate for our Members.

Take a look at our new brochure. We welcome all feedback and thoughts, and please do take the time to let us know what you think. Simply click on the brochure below to view full screen, alternatively download the brochure for future reference; click here to download the brochure

Church Resources Provides procurement options.

We’re one of Australia’s largest aggregated buying groups, enabling us to offer support through savings, additional benefits and advantages from leading suppliers.

The savings and benefits we negotiate helps our Members deliver their valued community outcomes.

The new brochure also gives you the opportunity to see some of our Church Resources’ faces. Have you met your local state contact?

Meet the team and see the brands we offer by viewing our latest brochure below.

Church Resources works across Australia and we have four state Business Development Managers on the ground and ensure local contacts and influence, personalised and hands-on service and a preference for local relationships and Preferred Partners to support your community.

A broad range.

We span over nine different procurement categories. These areas of focus include Communication, Technology, Everyday Items, Whitegoods, Electrical Appliance and Furniture, Foodservice, Travel, Energy, Employee Initiatives and Property.

We offer:

  • 1000’s of products;
  • 100’s of brands; and
  • 42 Preferred Partners.

View the brochure to see our Partners and some of the many brands are can secure for you.

At Church Resources we work for our Members by acting as a procurement enabler and partner. These procurement achievements mean more can be given to the people and community in the Aged Care, Education, Welfare, Health and Church sectors.

Would you like to see other CR brochures? We also have recently designed two new technology brochures. See how CR can help you with Technology in the Classroom and also Technology in the Workplace.

If you have any questions or queries, contact us by entering your details below.

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