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‘Procurement the New Black’ in Foodservices

‘Procurement the New Black’ in Foodservices

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CR Foodservice Ambassador Dr Karen Abbey, presented at the PASA Aged Care Procurement Conference in WA.

She presented ‘Procurement the New Black’ in Foodservices.

The objective of the presentation is to encourage those working in foodservices to consider the benefits of aggregated procurement solutions, and how this is a way to streamline purchasing, reduce invoicing and improve price benchmarking.

It takes a lot of work to get procurement correct or “black”.

“You need to have good systems in place, supported by professional suppliers, services, and an effective motivated team,” Karen emphasised.

“It takes time to manage all aspects involved, not to mention scheduling the maintenance and servicing of equipment. The collation of information is critical to ensuring the best decisions are made, as is having specifications around the procurement system to ensure quality is delivered. Saving time in the areas of invoicing, paperwork, and processes is all part of becoming more efficient and effective in delivering the desired outcome and experience to customers and clients”, Karen revealed.

The presentation also highlights that procurement services such as those from Church Resources have more to offer than simply price, with the Excellence in Foodservice Community Program as an example. This is a program designed to provide resources and education to CR Members.

The event was attended by aged care and hospitals from across Western Australia. Nestle Professional and Officemax were also part of the trade display.

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