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eBooks bring together a range of titles, onto one digital platform

Sourcing your school’s eBooks is now so much simpler – our Partner OfficeMax brings your school and student’s eBooks together from a range of publishers.

OfficeMax eBooks create a virtual classroom where teachers can collaborate and moderate students’ notes, comments and ideas directly inside the eBook, in real time. Students can even research further information through the internet, just by clicking on a link.

OfficeMax eBooks offers:

• Integration with our online ordering website for parents

• Content automatically pushed to the learning device when purchased

• Teachers and students automatically assigned clouds with their eBooks

• Instant content updates for students

• eBooks available to read offline once downloaded

• Collaboration between students and teachers both in and outside the classroom

• Compatibility across multiple devices including Apple, Android and windows.


Church Resources offers back to school through our Preferred Partner OfficeMax for all your school suppliers for the new year.  

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For more information on how eBooks could work for your school, please enter your details below and a CR Representative will be in contact.