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Introducing Birch and Waite.

They create a range of mayonnaise, sauces, dressings, accompaniments and desserts. Selected by CR for their great taste and the points below.

Their Story.

Family Passion. Professional Standard

Birch & Waite was born from a vision of creating superior food products that also enhance kitchen efficiency and provide cost-efficiencies. They began with a staff of just three in 1980. Since then, their commitment to quality and service has seen them outgrow three different factories in the past 20 years.

Throughout the years, our commitment to delivering the very best has remained the same. That’s their recipe for success.

They are an Australian-owned, family-based company with a great culture and a strong set of core values:

Superior Quality

Their number one passion is creating superior quality products with a true point of difference. They have an uncompromising commitment to excellence in everything we do.

Absolute Integrity

They are open, honest, respectful and accountable.


They have energy and enthusiasm to be the best we can be.

Continuous Improvement

In their endless pursuit of perfection, they try new things and learn from our mistakes.


They support each other to achieve success as a team.

Their Commitment.

Local Ingredients

True quality starts with the ingredients; that’s why they use traditional and superior quality ingredients and wherever possible, source Australian produce and materials for their products.


They’re committed to sustainable environmental solutions, and are continually looking for new opportunities. As part of their commitment to waste-reduction we recycle paper, cardboard, and metals, and use recycled materials in their cartons. They also use water-saving devices and monitor our water usage.


They proudly support charities such as the Food Bank, with product donations.

Birch & Waite supports both UNSW and USYD Food Technology students by arranging factory tours to give industry exposure and experience to students, and running work experience programs

Why Birch and Waite

Birch and Waite The Birch & Waite Professional range has been crafted with Foodservice Professionals in mind. They have created a range of superior food products that enhance kitchen efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Using their products as a base, you will be free to craft great quality dishes without compromise and here’s why.

Finest Fresh Ingredients

Birch & Waite Fresh Chilled products are made from the finest fresh ingredients, and contain no added artificial ingredients.

True Flavour Intensity

Our fresh chilled products lock in an intense flavour profile, so you can achieve outstanding results using less per serve.

Quality Without Compromise

All their fresh chilled and naturally shelf stable products are carefully batch crafted to ensure consistent flavour and texture, and the flexibility to customise our recipes to suit your needs.

Australian Owned

Birch & Waite is 100% Australian owned; wherever possible we source local Australian produce and materials for all of our products, which we make locally.

Flexible Food Service Solutions

They offer a choice of packaging sizes and the flexibility to supply our products in custom configurations to suit your needs and minimise wastage. Birch & Waite also offers contract manufacturing, bespoke products, airline product supply and international exports.

See the Birch & Waite flyer.

Would you like to find out more about our new Partner? Contact us on 1300 248 724 or enter your details in the form below and our Foodservice Manager will contact you.