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Cheer on the cheap: Festive catering hacks you need to know about

Cheer on the cheap: Festive catering hacks you need to know about

The Christmas season can be an especially difficult one for those confined to caring facilities, with many forced to spend this festive time without their families. And for NFP organisations providing much-needed assistance, cranking up the Christmas cheer can be challenging, especially in light of limited budgets and reduced resources.

But financial constraints needn’t mean you need to skimp on those festive trimmings, which can offer up some much needed comfort for those seeing out their golden years. Sure, you might not be able to offer up a full spread of turkeys and hams, but there are plenty of easier and more economically sound ways to put on a good show.

Here are a few simple catering tricks to employ this Christmas to make it a sweet one for those in your care:

The traditional roast

Nothing says Christmas quite like a traditional stuffed turkey, but these birds tend to come with a hefty price tag. So this year, why not opt for a more finance-friendly Christmas roast, using a cheaper cut like pork shoulder as your protein-packed centrepiece. It’s every bit as delicious, a whole lot more tender and significantly more filling than ultra-lean turkey meat. Here’s a delicious recipe to try out this Christmas:

A sweet touch

For a fun and affordable festive touch, place slabs of chocolate into a pot to melt them down. Once they’ve turned to liquid, use the melted chocolate to draw Christmas trees, stars or baubles on a large sheet of wax paper and leave them to set. Once they’ve cooled, use these charming and edible decorations to add a magical touch to mince pies and other ready-made festive treats.

Bottom’s up

Mulled wine might feel festive, but it’s not always palatable in the heat of Australian summer. Add a summery spin to tradition with this easy and inexpensive Christmas cider recipe. Simply hollow out a few apples, fill them with apple cider and add a slice of lemon and a cinnamon stick to each to create a fresh and festive treat worth toasting.

Strawberry Santas

Here’s a sweet and simple treat to add to your dessert menu. All you need are some strawberries, whipped cream and a bit of melted chocolate. Check out this quick tutorial to learn exactly how it’s done.

Pita Christmas trees

Looking for an affordable and adorable appetiser? Look no further than these pita bread Christmas trees. Watch this quick video to find how to make your own.

Christmas tree cheese dip

Give your salad platter a festive centerpiece with this deliciously cheesy Christmas tree! It’s easy to make, and even easier to eat. Watch this video to find out how.

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