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5 reasons why cloud solutions should be on your 2017 resolution list

5 reasons why cloud solutions should be on your 2017 resolution list

A decade ago, back before smartphones and tablets and remote working, any conversations about ‘the cloud’ would probably have referred to the weather conditions. But today, cloud technology is fast becoming an essential element of any organisation’s strategy, bringing about a rapid evolution in the business landscape.

Now for those of us raised in a world of memos and printed documents, the concept of cloud technology can be a little hard to grasp. Yet despite its ethereal nature, it’s something we all use everyday, whether it’s to check Facebook, log into online banking or send a What’s App message to a friend.

As cloud solutions have enabled us to streamline our personal lives, they can do the same for organisations, facilitating easier collaboration, more economical data storage and improved productivity amongst other things.

Not only does cloud technology provide businesses with a central access point for information – something that can be accessed by on-site and remote workers alike – but it also enables instant collaboration between teams, facilitating faster output and increased enfranchisement.

Additionally, for NFPs looking to streamline their budgets, cloud solutions reduce the need for clunky, expensive hardware that digs into both your space and your bottom line, and which can also be vulnerable to costly damage.

So, simply put, if you haven’t put cloud solutions on your resolution list for 2017, you might want to do so now. Here are just a few reasons why your business needs to look to the clouds this year:

Freedom & flexibility

Heading off on a business trip? Great! There’s no need to print out all of your important documents or fill your briefcase will back-up thumb drives. With cloud technology in place, you can access your essential information from anywhere in the world, oversee the team back at home, and still step back into the office as if you never left.

Disaster recovery

Large businesses are usually equipped with vigorous data recovery systems, but for smaller businesses and NFPs with limited cash flow, this isn’t exactly a financially feasible option. The good news is that cloud-based solutions offer your business an easy way to back up data with affordably, saving you time and money in the event of a crisis.

Reduce expenses

Forget massive hardware expenses. When you move your business operations to the cloud, you’ll reduce the need for on-site servers and expensive, round-the-clock IT support. With numerous options available to suit any budget, cloud solutions can save your business an enormous amount of money, enabling you to pay only for the storage space you need, when you need it.

Easy collaboration

With cloud-based solutions, your entire team can share, access and edit documents at any time. This allows teams to do more together, even when they’re not sitting in the same room. Real-time updates allow for quick and easy communication and total visibility, which is ideal for collaborative efforts.

Environmentally friendly

Not only do cloud-based solutions improve your business efficiency, but they also reduce your carbon footprint. As your business needs change, so too can the size and scale of your cloud solutions, allowing you to use only the amount of energy that you really need. With information safely stored in the cloud, you can also cut down on your printing, thanks to your newfound ability to access the same information as your colleagues whenever, and wherever, you choose.

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